Biology – Bìth – eòlas

Scientific inquiry and investigation skills are developed at every stage through a range of topics. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills such as critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, communication and working as part of a team.

Broad General Education

In S1 and S2 pupils take the following units:

  • Body systems, with a focus on the reproductive, respiratory and circulatory systems.
  • Micro-organisms: The miniature world around us.
  • Importance of Biodiversity, with a particular focus on the importance of plants.

In S3 pupils will begin to broaden their knowledge and understanding in these areas further including developing their knowledge and understanding of DNA and inheritance, cellular processes, natural selection and evolution. Pupils will also begin to learn about the latest developments in technologies such as stem cell research and genetic engineering.

Senior Phase

SQA Biology qualifications allow learners to investigate the applications of biology in society and the environment further still. These qualifications cover relevant and contemporary areas of biology, while allowing learners to develop an understanding of the underlying themes.

Nat 4/5 Biology

  • Cell Biology
  • Multicellular Organisms
  • Life on Earth


  • DNA and the Genome
  • Metabolism and Survival
  • Sustainability and Interdependence

Higher Human Biology

  • Human cells
  • Physiology and health
  • Neurobiology and immunology

Advanced Higher

  • Cell and Proteins
  • Organisms and Evolution
  • Investigative Biology


Skills, knowledge and understanding are assessed at senior phase through an externally assessed assignment and question paper. More information can be found at:

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