TOP TEN TIPS for a positive homework environment!

1. TIME – know when it is time to do homework. It could be the same time every day i.e. after snack, before an activity as long as there is an agreed expectation.

2. LOCATION – This is the best area for your child, some may wish to be alone in their bedroom others may wish to be at the bustle of the kitchen table – let your child decide and if it works for them why not listen.

3. RESOURCES – have all resources and materials in a place all together so that there is less distraction /time wasting finding a rubber, glue etc.


5. MUSIC – there are several studies that encourage music while working as it provides a more relaxed atmosphere.


7. PRAISE WHAT IS RIGHT – e.g. that is the neatest work you have written etc.

8. SCHEDULE – set up a schedule for topic work if appropriate. Sit down with your child and agree times when you can fit in the work. If they are involved in the plan they are more likely to co-operate when it comes time.

9. ENCOURAGE & HAVE PATIENCE – encourage your child to check their own work. Being patient is key. 

10. WELL LIT AREA – make sure homework is done in a well-lit area.

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