We offer Media at various levels depending on the needs of the learners (National 3, 4 and 5). The purpose of the course is to equip pupils to be able to analyse and create media that is appropriate for the purpose, context and audience of a brief. Pupils will also be able to identify the role of media in society and the importance of research when creating content.

Media course content

  • Key aspects of media literacy, including genre, purpose and tone.
  • The importance of narrative.
  • The role of representation, including stereotypes and cultural assumptions
  • Audience — target audience, preferred reading, different audience reactions,
  • consumption
  • The ways in which media functions within society: meeting needs, achieving particular purposes, influencing attitudes and behaviour.

In order to pass National 4 pupils must complete two internally assessed units and an assignment.

In order to pass National 5 pupils must complete two components:
Component 1: question paper – 2 hours (60 marks)
Component 2: assignment (60 marks)

For more information visit the SQA media webpage:

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