Please see our weekly lunch menus which follow a four week rotation programme.
Additional items are available to purchase separately.
Vegetarians are catered for.
Fresh fruit is available as a pudding option.

Seachdain 1 – Week 1 choices
Sausages, mashed potato, baked beans and peas.Breaded chicken breast, potato wedges, baked beans & cherry tomatoesMacaroni cheese, garlic bread, sweetcorn & broccoliRoast beef, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potato, carrots, cauliflower cheeseBacon, sausages, black pudding, chips, bean & peas
Jacket potato & cheddar cheeseFrench bread pizzaPlain omelette Lentil soup & filled rollTomato soup & scone
Jacket potato & tuna mayonnaiseJelly & fruitCheese omeletteIce cream & fruitFruit smoothie
Cup cakeIced sponge cake & custardYoghurt
Seachdain 2 – Week 2 choices
Turkey burger, potato wedges, baked beans & saladMince, potatoes & mixed vegetablesChicken curry, rice, peas & sweetcornRoast pork, apple sauce & gravy, roast potatoes, carrots, cauliflower Breaded haddock, chips, green beans, baked beans
Veggie burger, potato wedges, baked beans & saladLasagne, potatoes & mixed vegetablesTomato soup & sconeJacket potato & tuna mayonnaiseChicken noodle soup & toastie
MuffinCreamy salmon pastaAngel Delight & FruitJacket potato & cheddar cheeseFresh fruit salad
Caramel tart & custardFrozen yoghurt
Seachdain 3 – Week 3 choices
Chicken curry, rice, sweetcorn & peasSausages, wedges, baked beans & peasGammon ham, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, cauliflower cheese, mashed potatoSteak pie, potato, broccoli & carrotsMacaroni cheese, chips, sweetcorn & peas
French bread pizzaSoup & toastieJacket potato & tuna mayonnaisePlain omeletteSausages in hotdog roll
Biscuits & cheeseToffee sponge & custardJacket potato & cheeseCheese omeletteFruit
Jelly & fruitCheesecakeYogurt
Seachdain 4 – Week 4 choices
Turkey burger, wedges, spaghetti rings, red pepperChicken fajitas, rice, raw carrot & peas Spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread, broccoli & carrots Roast chicken in gravy, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, sweetcorn & cauliflowerBreaded haddock or fish fingers, chips, coleslaw, baked beans
Veggie burger, wedges, spaghetti rings, red pepperVegetable fajitas, rice, raw carrot & peasLentil soup & toastieBaked potato & cheeseChees & onion quiche
Savoury ricePasta bakeFresh fruit saladIce cream & fruitFruit salad
Apple crumble & custardFruit smoothieYoghurt

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