Transitions & Enrolment

Please contact the school for all enrolment details for the nursery, primary and secondary.

Senior management staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to contact the school at any time during school hours.  We will be delighted to assist you. 

Nursery to P1 Transition Programme:

  • Transition is on-going for the pre-school year learners.  Literacy and Numeracy are the main focus here. Staff are then able to develop pupils’ abilities and assess academic and other needs from this early stage.  All staff fully communicate during this process and plans are shared.
  • Pupils also coming to the main school building on a weekly basis throughout most of the pre-school academic year.  The transition process continues from September – December and will involve nursery pupils coming to the main school building for physical education and swimming.  Nursery pupils are also be invited to attend Halloween parties, Christmas parties, drama events and other functions which are open to both the nursery and primary pupils. 
  • In December, the infant class teachers and the nursery nurse will visit nursery pupils in their own learning environment.  Nursery pupils will then be invited to visit the infant primary classrooms with their key workers in January.  
  • During the next visit in February/March, the nursery pupils will meet their P6 buddies who will have contact with them during the rest of the academic year and will remain the buddy partners as both groups progress to P1 & P7, to ensure continuity and reassurance at all levels.   At this classroom meeting, the nursery learners will meet the pupils in the new class, the class teacher and other school staff.  
  • Weekly learning visits will then take place in March in the school infant room and will be directed by the classroom teacher.  
  • After the Easter break, nursery pupils will be invited to attend some of the whole school assemblies for the rest of the school year.  
  • For the month of May the pupils will join the infant room initially for part of the transition morning.  This will be increased to the whole morning for the last week of May which concludes the programme.   
  • The new intake for both Gàidhlig and English nursery will also be part of the transition programme.  These pupils will attend the nursery class during the month of May when the pre-school pupils attend the primary classes.  As such, these pupils will attend nursery for part of the morning on a Tuesday in May and this will be extended to the full morning for the last week in May.
  • Information will be sent out directly to parents and guardians during each of the main transition stages. 

Primary 7 – S1 Transition

We have an extensive P7-S1 transition programme.  Our 3-18 model assists in ensuring that our P7 learners have the best learning opportunities and experiences are they experience time in the Secondary department.  Our P7 learners are in the midst of transition already, commencing in January and finishing at the end of April. P7 pupils spend each Tuesday (full day) in the Secondary department.  Staff in both the Primary and Secondary departments meet regularly to ensure that challenge and enjoyment, progression, depth and breadth of learning is paramount here. Our learners are so enthused by their transition experiences!

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