Gàidhlig ann an Sgoil Bhàgh a’Chaisteil

In line with the National Gaelic Language Plan, and The Advice on Gaelic Education, Sgoil Bhàgh a’Chaisteil, is committed to promoting the Gaelic language to ensure that is has equal status with English in the school environment. We aim to provide pupils with the opportunity to develop and enhance their language skills in Gaelic.  Sgoil Bhàgh a Chaisteil has obtained Gaelic Status, therefore pupils are encouraged to speak Gaelic as often as they can. Gaelic should be highly visible in all areas of the school. Sgoil Bhàgh a’Chaisteil strives to teach as many subjects as possible through the medium of Gaelic  As Gaelic is formally an official language of Scotland, Gaelic Language Act 2005 (Scotland)  we aim to ensure that Gaelic language and culture is given the respect and the status it deserves.  The National Gaelic Language Plan has highlighted the following key principles, we aim to promote in our school environment: 

  • Gaelic belongs to the whole of Scotland 
  • Promoting a positive image of Gaelic 
  • Increasing the learning of Gaelic; and 
  • Increasing the use of Gaelic 

Pupils in our school can study Gàidhlig  (fluent speakers) or Gaelic (learners). We also provide our young people with the opportunity to learn Music, R.E and P.S.E through the medium of Gaelic from S1-S3.  

Members of our school community regularly take part in local and National Mods, perform at local ceilidhs and enjoy close thinks with the wider community, highlighting the importance of Gaelic and is significance in our Island past and it’s future.  

Our pupils have taken part in MG Alba’s annual Filmg competition, and enjoyed much success.  It is hoped that pupils in Sgoil Bhagh a’Chaisteil have a great sense of pride and respect for our Gaelic language and culture. 

For more information visit the SQA Gàidhlig webpages:
Gàidhlig – https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/45675.html
Gaelic (learners)- https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/45775.html


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