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Physical Education aims to provide learners with a platform from which they can build physical competences, improve aspects of fitness, and develop personal and interpersonal skills and attributes.

It aims to enable learners to develop the concepts and skills necessary for participation in a wide range of physical activity, sport, dance and outdoor learning. It also aims to enhance their physical wellbeing in preparation for leading a fulfilling, active and healthy lifestyle.

Learners will encounter a variety of practical learning experiences, including working on their own, with a partner and in small and large groups. Learners will understand the importance of cooperation and competition and the ability to evaluate their own and others’ performance.

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In Physical Education we aspire to fulfil the following aims for all pupils:

  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of human movement by engaging in a range of physical activities.
  • Improve their physical performance.
  • Develop social skills and promote acceptable standards of behaviour and positive attitudes to others. These life skills are also transferable to all other areas of the curriculum.
  • Develop powers of analysis and the ability to solve problems.
  • Develop attitudes and habits that will encourage participation and enjoyment in physical activity.
  • · To prepare pupils for SQA courses and ensure that all pupils reach their potential.
  • To promote courses which recognise the range of individual needs and different abilities at each stage of the pupils’ development.
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Core Physical Education

In S1-S3 as part of their Broad General Education pupils will participate in a wide range of physical activities to improve their physical movement skills. They will also learn about how a range of other factors, such as co-operating, communicating, diet, mental and emotional factors impact their overall health and wellbeing.

Pupils will participate in various observation tasks involving evaluation and appreciation skills with the aim of improving physical performance.

The S1-S3 health and wellbeing course in Physical Education involves all pupils participating in a wide range of activities including: Basketball, Badminton, Netball, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey Swimming, Dance, Athletics and Volleyball.

Physical Education provides pupils with a platform from which they can develop the significant aspects of learning including opportunities to build physical skills, improve aspects of fitness, develop cognitive skills and enhance personal and interpersonal skills. Pupils will develop the skills necessary for participation in a wide range of activities allowing them to enhance their physical wellbeing in preparation for leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

The course aims to provide pupils with a variety of Learning Outcomes and Experiences that will allow each pupil the opportunity to develop the four capacities as out lined in A Curriculum for Excellence: Successful Learners; Confident Individuals; Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.

In S4-S5 Core PE pupils will be given the opportunity to further enhance their physical movement skills in activities of their choice. Our integrated Personal and Social Development (PSD) sessions will also ensure that pupils are exploring and improving their own health and wellbeing as well as planning and preparing for the world of work.

Certificated courses

Within the Senior Phase we offer a number of different accredited courses. If pupils choose PE as a certificated subject at either National 4/5, Higher or advanced higher level they will explore and develop their performance in more detail. These courses offer the opportunity for personalisation and choice as pupils can choose which activities they want to specialise in, they will then evaluate their performance, identifying areas for improvement and creating programmes to improve their performance.

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