Literature & Communication

The course combines two SQA units: Literature 1 (FA58 12) and Communication (FA1W 12, also known as Communications 4). Together, these two units are accepted by a number of colleges and universities as an equivalent qualification to Higher English.

Whereas Higher English concentrates on the literary aspects of the language, the combination of Literature and Communication offers alternative language skills. The Literature aspect aims to help students to enjoy novels, plays and poetry, while Communication offers practical skills in reading, writing, listening and presentation that are transferable into both academic and commercial situations.

During this course students will learn how to produce and evaluate examples of spoken and written communication, and participate in the meaningful analysis of literature, its social and moral concerns, its devices and stylistic characteristics. Students will be expected to discuss, watch performances of, and make reasoned judgments about literary texts, plays, poems, novels, or short stories.


Students will develop reading, writing, listening and talking skills:

  • Listening skills are practised in a variety of contexts, for example watching broadcasts and group discussion of texts.
  • Writing skills will be developed by employing different registers, formats and styles to fulfil a variety of purposes.
  • Talking skills will be practised in a variety of contexts, for example presenting information and opinions and discussion of issues and texts.

This course provides an alternative to English Higher as an entry qualification for some HN and Degree courses. As such, it is available to any pupil with a C pass in English at National 5, or who has completed Level 5 Core Skills: Literacy and Communications.

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