Scottish Studies

The Scottish Studies Award provides opportunities for learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of Scotland — its people, languages (such as Scots and Gaelic), society, culture, natural environment and heritage — and to make connections across the curriculum. The Award also provides recognition for learners who choose to make these connections by studying aspects of three subject areas in a Scottish context.

The Scottish Studies Award is available at SCQF levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. At all levels, the Award has a broad and flexible framework, providing scope for personalisation and choice, which reflects the range of subject areas that can be studied in a Scottish context. The Scottish Studies Award at SCQF level 6 attracts 21 UCAS points.

The Award may be of particular interest to learners living and studying in Scotland, as it will provide them with opportunities to broaden their understanding and appreciation of the society in which they live. This, in turn, may provide opportunities for learners to reflect on, and build, their own sense of identity as residents of Scotland and the wider world.

Candidates undertaking Scottish Studies Awards must complete the component units to achieve the overall Scottish Studies Awards. The achievement of, for example, National 5 in History or Geography will not provide evidence of achievement of the previous component unit specifications. 

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