Maritime Studies

Pupils will get the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in a range of marine subjects including basic navigation skills, use of charts and the use of electronic navigation systems.  Practical skills will be developed including small boat handling, seamanship skills and small boat engineering skills.  Pupils will acquire a basic understanding of the safety procedures required for working aboard a boat and investigate careers opportunities in the Maritime sector.

Units Studied:

  • Employability Skills and Careers in the Maritime Sector
  • Maritime Environment: An Introduction
  • Small Boat Engineering
  • Seamanship: An Introduction
  • Health and Safety in the Maritime Sector

The course is an ideal gateway to a career in the Maritime Sector and may provide candidates with opportunities to progress to:

  • Access to Merchant Navy – Deck and Engineering Officer Training
  • SVQ Marine Vessel Support (Deckhand Seafish)
  • SVQ Marine Vessel Operations (Fishing Inshore)
  • SVQ Marine Vessel Support ( Deck MN)
  • Merchant Navy Officer Cadet Training

Pupils undertaking this vocational course will be assessed (and certificated) by Lews Castle College, in conjunction with the SQA.

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