This course will provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding required for employment within the Engineering Sector.

It will allow candidates to develop skills and attitudes required for progression within the sector and facilitate progression to further FE and HE training.

Course Content Outline:

This course focuses broad areas of Engineering. This will allow the candidates to gain basic transferable skills which can be applied to many engineering areas.

There are six mandatory units all classroom based.

  1. Communication or Literacy Unit
  2. Mathematics Craft 1
  3. Engineering Using Information Technology
  4. Health and Safety: Engineering
  5. Graphical Engineering Communication
  6. Computer Aided Draughting

In addition, six further Workshop based units must be completed:

1. Thermal Joining Skills (welding)
2. Workshop skills
3. Material Removal Principals
4. Industrial CNC Lathe work
5. Engineering Assembly Skills
6. Welding Processes

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