Sport and Recreation

The general aims of the course are to:

  • Allow learners to experience vocationally related learning.
  • Provide learners with a broad introduction to the sport and recreation sector.
  • Encourage learners to foster a good work ethic, including time-keeping and a positive, responsible attitude.
  • Provide opportunities to develop a range of Core Skills in a realistic setting.
  • Encourage learners to take responsibility for their own learning and development.
  • Facilitate progression to further education and/or training.
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Course content:

Unit 1:  Assist with a Component of Activity Sessions

In this unit, learners will assist in the planning and delivery of a component within activity sessions for both a group and a single client, with the person responsible. They will use appropriate resources that meet centre/organisational guidelines. They will carry out risk assessments and health and safety procedures laid out for the activity sessions.

Unit 2:  Employment Opportunities in the Sport and Recreation Industry

In this unit, learners will source information about career pathways and identify the skills, qualifications and experience needed to pursue these. This will allow them to map their own skills, qualifications and experience against industry requirements. Using this information they will be able to identify areas where further training is required, produce a career plan and review this as necessary.

Unit 3:  Assist with Fitness Programming

In this unit learners, working with the person responsible, will learn how to develop and organise a physical training plan for a client. Learners will assist in establishing a client’s fitness baseline taking into account the client’s overall objectives. They will work with the person responsible to address aspects of health and safety, monitor the client’s progress, carry out periodic monitoring of the client’s physical training plan, review the results and modify the physical training plan.

Unit 4:  Assist with Daily Centre Duties

In this unit, learners will gain experience in setting up and dismantling and storing equipment. They will learn how to: move and handle equipment in compliance with manufacturers’ instructions and centre/organisational requirements, check for faults in equipment and deal with them.  Learners will gain experience in cleaning and tidying areas within the organisation, as well as choosing the correct materials and the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition, they will gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of relevant health and safety procedures.

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