Armchair Athletics

With the help, support and training of Kevin Morrison, (Community Sport Hub Officer) we are now into our second year of our intergenerational project of ‘Armchair Athletics’.  This year we have our Primary 4 and Primary 5 pupils undertaking the lead in this exciting project. P4 and P5 pupils visit St Brendan’s care home regularly in groups (on rotation) as part of the ‘Generations Working Together’ initiative.  This involves our pupils engaging with the residents in St Brendan’s and helping them to do some basic sports activities.  These groups are already working successfully within our islands and wider Scotland.  We are really excited about this project as our young learners continue to develop their own communication and leadership skills as they visit.  We would also like to say a huge thanks to the thrift shop group who recently donated £300 towards our project.  This will allow us to purchase new games equipment and resources for the lovely residents we engage with.

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