List of websites to support Numeracy & Mathematics online

Website Link Description 
Sumdog Currently free access for all during contingency planning period. Sumdog provides a range of Maths games which are engaging and progressive. Tutorial videos are also provided at the end of games to provide teaching points.  The tool is adaptive and can be set to a child’s own abilities / level of learning. Sumdog allows tracking of progress. 
Prodigy Game A free resource which provides a range of Maths games and also provides adaptive feedback. Allows tracking of progress. 
Times Table Rockstars Free if school is closed Daily times tables practise games (multiplication and division). Allows bespoke training for each pupil based on ability. Allows tracking of progress. 
Math Playground Maths games, stories and videos. 
Times Tables A website for learning and practising times tables. 
Oxford Owl Maths learning activities for home and “how to” videos. Links to learning with Numicon. 
Teacher Led Contains a series of tools to support numeracy and mathematics. 
Maths Zone Maths digital resources sorted into different areas of numeracy and mathematics. Simple way of finding games and activities to match your planned learning. 
Maths Bot The manipulatives section of this site contains a number of great tools to support conceptual understanding using technology. 
Transum Mathematics Transum has daily maths challenges. It also contains a range 
of engaging games. 
Rigour by cdmasterworks Ltd The Rigour by cdmasterworks Ltd website contains high quality numeracy and mathematics challenge calendars for 1st – 4th level, which are updated each month. These also come with answer guides, and there are tracking sheets and certificates available for use also. 
Countdown Maths Game p A fun numbers game which allows learners to practise the four 
Number Fun
Free parent accounts for 30 days (to support any school closures). 
Maths videos, songs, stories and activities ready for parents to use 
at home with their children. 
YouTube videos Number Blocks – 4qFSP1FllALB92w 

Number Jacks – V3E4ysPU0VC3Q 

Jack Hartmann Kids Music – 
BBC Teach Primary Maths Videos – 
The Numberblocks channel has lots of videos to help younger children learn about numbers, addition and subtraction. 

The Numberjacks are a group of superhero numbers who appear in educational videos which cover thinking skills, problem solving and maths. 

Jack Hartmann has lots of number songs, including skip counting. 

This playlist from BBC Teach explores how maths is used in different areas of life and work. It also includes videos about number, measure 
and shape concepts. 
Ilovemaths Maths puzzles and challenges. 
Nrich Games and challenges for learners 
to complete. 
Maths Week 
Website Has a range of activities which can 
be filtered by age. 
Corbett Maths Resources to support 5 minutes a day of mental maths. Designed for upper primary pupils, the activities are sorted into bronze, silver and 
Maths with Mum Full maths lessons online, supported 
by videos, games and materials. 
Wild Maths A collection of resources which deliver numeracy and mathematics learning in a creative way. 
Number Fun Live wSw& Number Fun Live are running daily maths sessions for younger children (3-7 year-olds) LIVE on YouTube so children will be able to join from a 
tablet, computer, or Smart TV.f 
Count on Us Follow on Facebook  Resources online linked to CfE, as 
well as live postings on Facebook. 
BBC Schools Radio Audio Maths maths-rainbow-quiz/zhdvpg8 Audio maths challenges from the BBC for first level learners. 
Peg + Cat Animated maths based adventure series and website that teach measure, shape, patterns and a wide range of fundamental pre math skills (3-5 year olds) 
Top Marks – Maths games  Maths games ranging from multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and more. This can be adapted to the age of the learner and helps consolidate number facts/processes. 
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