List of websites to support Gaidhlig/Gaelic Languages online

Website Link Description 
Gaelic Dictionary pages  Different websites for online Gaelic dictionaries  
Gaelic BBC learning        BBC iplayer,    BBC learning  BBC Alba YoutTube channel   pages with links to learning programmes in Gaelic  
BBC Bitesize  BBC Bitesize 1st level Gaelic page 
BBC Bitesize  BBC Bitesize 2nd  level Gaelic page  
Gaidhlig nan Og  Gaelic resources for early/first level 
Miss MacKinnon  GM P1-3 class teacher has a YouTube page with lots of songs and videos for early/first level 
An Lasadh  Gaelic language resources and online games  
Gaelic4parents  Reading and listening resources in Gaelic  
Giglets  Literacy development for pupils, teachers and schools – Gaelic books and reading comprehension resources  Traditional tales in Gaelic – read and listen to eBooks.  
Storlann   Gaelic resources and links page 
Fios air Fuaimean  Gaelic phonics resources  
STaG   Gaelic resources to use when working with children who have speech sound difficulties. This includes activities that target those sounds which occur in Gaelic but not English. 
E-storas  Scottish Gaelic resource for teachers, pupils and parents. 
An Leòmhann, A’ Bhuidseach Agus Am Preas-Aodaich  Mary Ann Kennedy livestreams readings from her translation of the CS Lewis classic into Scottish Gaelic. Tues & Thurs 2pm 
Spòrs le Miss Fit G/Sgoil Stafainn  Sgoil Stafainn Facebook Page with short PE session, and lots of other Gaelic videos and ideas.  
Maths Bot – Number Frames  Virtual number frames – great visual for children to use when counting, adding, subtracting and multiplying. 
Speech Therapy and Gaelic  Games and resources to help with sounds. 
You Tube   A YouTube channel with a collection of different Gaelic speakers doing a variety of activities such as Singing, Art, Baking and stories! Good for children to be hearing Gaelic from a variety of Gaelic speakers 
Comann nam Pàrant  Support for Families during Covid-19. 
Clasrum air an òir Facebook group with videos from children doing Gaelic activities, work and games ran by a Gaelic Teacher. 
Mìrean Gaelic materials designed to help learners develop their level of fluency. Aimed for Secondary pupils. 
Ceumannan Gaelic materials designed to help learners develop their level of fluency. Aimed for Secondary pupils. 
Seo sibh Gaelic resources, including digital copies of the Storyworld books.
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