List of websites to support Sciences online

Website Link Description 
Mystery Science planning No log-in required for these lessons. Online lessons with teaching points and linked activities for learners. 
Vroom Free to use Early Years science activities for parents to support young learners with. Comes with tips and explanations. 
National Geographic Kids Activities and quizzes for younger learners, with topics including animals and science. 
CBeebies Science Activities ce-activities Science learning clips. Particularly suited to early years. 
Crest Awards Science awards which can be completed from home. The Star and Superstar levels are designed for primary-aged learners. The activities are designed to be easy-to-run and low cost. 
Nature Detectives aturedetectives/ Lots of activities which can be carried out in a garden our outdoor area, or even a remote forest location! 
YouTube videos Operation Ouch – 8UeNoqra37p5OkA/featured 
Operation Ouch produce educational videos about the human body. 

 Amazing Animals – dJs0ZQNDwnQlIStNF9LwoSAM7aF 
Learn about amazing animals with this playlist from National Geographic Kids.  

HomeSchool Pop – T1B9ljIWyhaewUc8-3oivWLwSTcL   Homeschool Pop has put together a collection of videos that cover a wide range of Science topics. 

SciShow Kids – SciShow Kids has a wide range of Science videos that answer different questions about the world. 
Crash Course Kids – Lots of videos on different science topics for predominantly older primary pupils. 
Ryan’s World – SOOHvBB0Y4DOO_w Has lots of science videos suitable for younger learners. 
Science Max – 0ReKPPyhf7-Dtw/featured 
Science Max carries out huge science experiments. Challenge your learners to try similar experiments, but on a smaller scale, at  home.
Use to support science learning. 
TigTag World Has a range of free science learning activities. 
Science for Kids Games, topics, lessons, videos and experiments. 
Science for Kids Club A collection of science activities 
suitable for a range of stages. 
Science Bob Fun and easy experiments to inspire children which can be carried out at home. 
STEM through stories Ideas and resources for learning in science through stories. 
Glasgow Science Centre at Home home Glasgow Science Centre will be posting a science at home video each day at 10am from 19th March. 
Science on the Web resource/392714/science-web This link contains a PDF which hosts a range of links to science learning activities. You can navigate through CfE levels in the document. 
Edinburgh Zoo live cams Watch the pandas, penguins, tigers and koalas live at Edinburgh Zoo. 
James Dyson Foundation Challenge Cards nt/dam/pdf/JDF_with%20cover%20challenge- 
Science challenge cards. 
Maddie’s Do You Know 3ly/maddies-do-you-know CBeebies Series where Maddie discovers the world around us and 
how stuff works. 
Children’s Nature / Natural History Shows cbbc dinosaurs 
Encourages children to learn about the animal world and natural history. 
Space learning resources ng Encourage your pupils to learn more about space with these links. 
Nina and the Neurons and-the-neurons Nina carries out exciting experiments and explores the world of science, engineering, building and coding. 
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