List of websites to support general learning online

Website Link Description 
2 Simple (Purple Mash) school-closed/ Free if school is closed A range of learning activities across all subject areas. 
Free if school is closed 
Topic learning across a range of subject areas, with videos, quizzes, worksheets and linked activities. 
Class Hook Free if school is closed: Easily find video clips to support learning across the curriculum. 
Gamilab Create games to support your learning. 
Kahoot free/ Free if school is closed Create games and quizzes. Share the code for learners to join live. 
Khan Academy Contains courses with practice activities and assessments across a range of curricular areas. Lessons within courses have videos to teach each skill / concept. 
Free if school is closed 
Wide range of teaching and learning resources. Curriculum for Excellence linked resources available. 
TES website + 
Blendspace by TES A range of teaching and learning materials across the curriculum. TES blendspace  allows you to create a digital lesson in minutes, including videos, PowerPoints, images, instructions, documents etc. Pupils can be guided through the lesson. 
Storyboard That creator 
Free access currently 
Create storyboards to explain / demonstrate learning. 
BBC Bitesize Learning clips and some linked activities for a range of curricular areas. Linked to CfE and sorted by CfE Level and curricular area. 
TED Engaging educational videos across 
the curriculum. 
The Kids Should 
See This Educational videos to inspire 
Games websites 
Interactive games to support learning across the curriculum for all stages. 
Imagination Tree Ideas to inspire play activities at 
SeeSaw Seesaw empowers pupils to independently document their learning and provides an authentic audience for their work, pushing beyond the walls of the classroom. It is a platform for pupil engagement. This tool allows pupils to upload work to a learning portfolio. 
The tool would provide good possibilities for learners engaging with and sharing learning digitally. Teachers can also provide feedback 
using Seesaw. 
Google Classroom Google classroom is another digital tool which can be used to support learning across the curriculum. The tool allows teachers to easily assign work tasks to students, which are then returned digitally. Feedback can then be given digitally using 
the tool. 
StudyZone.TV Contains full lessons in numeracy, literacy and ICT. Each lesson has a video (teaching point) and linked 
activities (worksheets, games, tests etc.). 
Doorway Online Interactive and accessible learning activities across the curriculum. 
Designed for learners to use 
independently. A Scottish-designed resource. 
Scholastic Learn at Home 
Has daily learn at home themed projects, sorted by age. Each project has linked reading and 
follow-up activities. 
Communication 4 all 
Lots of inclusive resources to 
support a range of curricular areas.
BBC Super 
Movers Active learning videos to support 
learning across the curriculum. 
Quizziz A  free online quizzing and assessment app. Create your own quiz / assessment and share the 
code for your learners to join. 
BBC Teach Live Lessons live-lessons/zmc9jhv A range of live lesson opportunities for primary aged pupils. 
Pawprint Badges packs-6-c.asp Free challenge packs and other downloads. Many activities can be completed indoors. Badges cost but 
are optional. 
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