List of websites to support Literacy and English online

Website Link Description 
Vooks Free for 1 year Animated read-along storybooks with linked resources. 
CBeebies Radio Listening activities for younger learners. 
DK Find Out Great for encouraging leaners to carry out non-fiction reading and research to support a range of areas across the curriculum. 
Oxford Owl home/reading-owl/english–1 home/reading-owl/reading The Oxford Owl website contains a range of eBooks which learners can engage with at home.  Using your authority log-in, there are story time and poetry time resources, which include printable stories and poems which can be shared for home learning. 
Literacy Shed The Literacy Shed contains visual resources to support literacy lessons. This includes the use of film / animation clips to base study and writing on. 
Jackanory Junior ps Clips of celebrities / actors reading stories. The programme is designed to stimulate an interest in reading. 
Storytime Online Videos of famous authors reading stories. 
Pobble 365 The Pobble 365 website contains a new image each day which can be used to inspire writing. The site can be used for literacy starters and also contains ideas for writing, listening and talking. 
Sumdog Spelling  Free for school closures. Sumdog spelling provides engaging games to develop spelling skills. The tool allows teachers to track progress and set targets. 
Spelling Frame Spelling Frame allows you to input your own words to create a range of fun spelling practise games. 
The Karate Cats icles/zdp4pg8 The Karate Cats game allows learners to develop their skills in grammar, punctuation and spelling. 
Learners work through “belts”, where difficulty progresses as belts are achieved. 
The Countdown Game 
A fun game to develop spelling and 
JoJo  Gnome’s 
Story Podcast Lots of stories to promote listening skills for younger learners. 
Teach Your 
Monster to Read 
The website is 100% free to access all games. 
The “teach your monster to read” website contains a series of fun reading games. 
Word Tamer Word Tamer is an interactive and creative story writing website. It contains a series of challenges to support learners with developing an imaginative story. The website has been created by a children’s author. Videos and other features of the 
website teach learners about characters, setting and plot. 
Free Rice Game The UN World Food Program site offers a great vocabulary-building game for learners. Every time a question is answered 
correctly, FreeRice donates ten grains of rice to hungry people. 
Libraries for digital books index.html 
Links for libraries of free digital books and audio books. 
Elevenses with the World of David 
Walliams Literactive contains a range of interactive literacy games, covering the skills of 
reading, writing and listening. 
Literactive Literactive contains a range of interactive literacy games, covering the skills of 
reading, writing and listening. 
YouTube Videos AlphaBlocks – 
Fairytales and Stories for Kids – FUDs32E7F2wGdg 

BBC Teach Primary English – 

CBeebies Bedtime Stories – 0VgduON_PbVYOlgjeLPyN_0VHlk 

Scholastic Book Trailers – 21903A84659 
The Alphablocks are living letters who appear in videos to help children learn about phonics and develop their reading skills. 

Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids has lots of animated stories to enjoy. Challenge learners to retell the story to someone else after they have watched one of the videos. 

BBC Teach has a playlist of English videos to teach learners about punctuation and stories. It also includes ideas for writing, songs and more. 

CBeebies have a playlist of their Bedtime Stories, 
in which people read popular children’s books. 
Encourage learners to watch one or more of the book trailers from Scholastic. Challenge them to 
make a trailer for one of their favourite books. 
Once Upon a Picture Images to inspire writing, with linked 
questions and prompts. 
Phonics Play Details on homepage for free access. Lots of phonics games. 
Writers Writing competitions for young people. 
We are Teachers author activities 
collection activities/ A collection of links to children’s authors 
doing online “read-alouds” and activities. 
Roy the 
Zebra Reading games and activities. 
Lalilo A phonics and comprehension programme. Teachers can personalise learning using the 
National Literacy Trust 
Familyzone zone/?mc_cid=ebc2605b91&mc_eid=c9510b067 b A “zone” full of information to support families with literacy learning. 
Book Club club A show encouraging good reading habits. Provides the opportunity for children to 
learn about the latest books. 
Into Film Club 
Film Guides Filter by age on the website (5-7 or 7-11) to get guides and resources to support a range of films. Perfect for supporting learning at home. 
Top Marks This website supports spelling and blends and can be adapted to suit learners from 4-11 years. 
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