List of websites to support Health and Wellbeing online

Website Link Description 
Growth Mindset Yeti Growth Mindset resources which can be used at home by parents to support resilience. 
Go Safe Scotland Lots of health and wellbeing games linked to Curriculum for Excellence, many of which have a safety focus. 
Race at Your Pace Kids Has a range of fitness challenges for children and young people which could be completed as part of daily exercise. The trackers are free to download. Medals can be achieved (but come at a cost of £7). 
Cosmic Kids Yoga Lots of fun yoga videos for learners of different ages. Plenty of exciting contexts for yoga. 
GoNoodle Fun and engaging dance videos. 
Healthy Schools Scotland Designed for Curriculum for Excellence, this website is full of ideas across all experiences and outcomes of health and wellbeing at all levels. 
Road Safety Scotland Road safety games, sorted by Curriculum for Excellence level. 
Food a Fact of Life Resources designed for a range of ages about where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating. 
Smiling Mind Daily mindfulness resources. 
Jump Start Jonny e Fitness and active videos and resources. 
Relax Kids A free pack combining relaxation, calmness and exercise activities. 
The Body Coach (Joe Wicks) xW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ The Body Coach will be hosting a live 30 minutes of PE every day Monday – Friday while schools are closed. Videos will also be posted up to be accessed at any time. 
NHS Change for Life website NHS healthy living tips and activities for children and young people. 
Health for Kids Tips and reading on a range of health topics. Designed for children to use. Also has a parent section. 
Life Live It (Red Cross) resource First aid learning for children. 
Growing Smiles Tooth School  Live on Facebook – @growingsmilesuk Growing Smiles are running a “Tooth School” live on Facebook. The ‘school’ runs from Tuesday – Friday at 10am live with a daily 
focus topic and live toothbrushing.
Dundee Active Schools online learning resource The Active Schools team are pulling together resources to help pupils stay active at home. They will be sending out a link every day. 
Each day, there will be a focus on different 
sports and links to other video content that pupils can follow. 
Dundee United Community Trust Follow on Twitter – @dundeeunitedfc Dundee United Community Trust are releasing daily challenges, many of which are connected to sport / health and wellbeing 
through a cross-curricular approach. 
My World Kitchen my-world-kitchen CBeebies cooking show for children. Showcases food from around the world. 
CBeebies Get Well Soon get-well-soon Join Dr Ranj and friends to discover facts about health and hospitals. Listen and sing 
along to songs from the show. 
Andy’s Wild 
Workout videos for children from the BBC. 
Better Movers, Better thinkers 
Education Scotland have uploaded lessons on You-tube to support the early development of skills in P.E that can be transferred to life in the classroom/home. For example – balance/organisational skills.  
Dancing with Oti – from Strictly come dancing  
This is a fun way to learn basic dance routines to support a variety of areas in P.E such as balance and co-ordination. 
Just Dance  This is a fun way to learn basic dance routines to support a variety of areas in P.E such as balance and co-ordination. 
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