The Music courses provide candidates with broad practical experience of performing, creating and understanding music. The courses enable candidates to work independently or in collaboration with others, and can help them to plan and organise, to make decisions and to take responsibility for their own learning. National 5 Music Throughout the National 5 Music course,Continue reading “Music”

Creative Industries

National 5 Skills for Work: Creative Industries is an introductory qualification which develops the knowledge and skills required for employment or further study in the creative industries. The Course covers: an Introduction to the Creative Industries, Creative Industries Skills Development, the Creative Process, and a Creative Project. As they work through the Course, learners willContinue reading “Creative Industries”

Gàidhlig ann an Sgoil Bhàgh a’Chaisteil

In line with the National Gaelic Language Plan, and The Advice on Gaelic Education, Sgoil Bhàgh a’Chaisteil, is committed to promoting the Gaelic language to ensure that is has equal status with English in the school environment. We aim to provide pupils with the opportunity to develop and enhance their language skills in Gaelic.  Sgoil Bhàgh a Chaisteil hasContinue reading “Gàidhlig ann an Sgoil Bhàgh a’Chaisteil”

Physical Education – Spòrs

Physical Education aims to provide learners with a platform from which they can build physical competences, improve aspects of fitness, and develop personal and interpersonal skills and attributes. It aims to enable learners to develop the concepts and skills necessary for participation in a wide range of physical activity, sport, dance and outdoor learning. ItContinue reading “Physical Education – Spòrs”

English – Beurla

Broad General Education Pupils cover the Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence at the appropriate levels. The course is skills-based covering the skills of: Talking and ListeningBuilding skills in group discussion, paying attention to others and responding appropriatelyBuilding skills in solo talk ReadingTextual study of prose fiction and poetry, building critical analysis and evaluationContinue reading “English – Beurla”


Chemistry is an important part of our everyday lives. Through learning about chemistry, you will develop your interest and understanding of the world. Chemistry is vital to everyday life and plays a key role in meeting society’s needs in areas such as medicine, energy, industry, material development, the environment and sustainability. Chemistry qualifications are wellContinue reading “Chemistry”