List of websites to support Numeracy & Mathematics online

Website  Link  Description  Sumdog Currently free access for all during contingency planning period.  Sumdog provides a range of Maths games which are engaging and progressive. Tutorial videos are also provided at the end of games to provide teaching points.  The tool is adaptive and can be set to a child’s own abilities / level of learning. Sumdog allows trackingContinue reading “List of websites to support Numeracy & Mathematics online”

Armchair Athletics

With the help, support and training of Kevin Morrison, (Community Sport Hub Officer) we are now into our second year of our intergenerational project of ‘Armchair Athletics’.  This year we have our Primary 4 and Primary 5 pupils undertaking the lead in this exciting project. P4 and P5 pupils visit St Brendan’s care home regularlyContinue reading “Armchair Athletics”

Junior Janitors

Our Primary 3 and Primary 4 pupils lead on our Junior Janitor initiative each day over school break times and lunch times.  They have taken on this leadership responsibility with great enthusiasm and ensure that all pupils learn to respect their outdoor play areas and resources as well as monitoring and ensuring that all pupilsContinue reading “Junior Janitors”

Reading Rockets

Our Reading Rockets group meet weekly and is a club with a primary focus of developing reading skills in English and Gaelic across the school and it promotes peer led learning. We are undertaking a variety of activities including the promotion and delivery of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge across the school.  We also haveContinue reading “Reading Rockets”

Sports Committee

Our Sports Committee meet weekly and will soon be running a lunch time club to promote healthy activity and encourage as many children to be involved as possible.  This will be to enhance and develop leadership skills and provide enhanced learning experiences for their peers as well as promoting sports and fitness within the schoolContinue reading “Sports Committee”

Pupil Council

Our pupil council meet weekly and is a formal group of pupils within a school who are elected by their peers to represent them and their views.  Members of the Pupil council are elected by their class to listen to their ideas and views about how we can improve the school and the environment. They take back the viewsContinue reading “Pupil Council”

Eco Committee

Our Eco Committee meet weekly and gives pupils the opportunity to take part in meaningful environmental activities and projects to help look after our school, local and national areas. The Eco-Committee takes responsibility for Eco-Schools projects and will ensure the whole school is involved. Members of the Council take part in discussions and votes andContinue reading “Eco Committee”

P5-7 Gàidhlig

Tha 16 sgoilearan againn ann an clas 5/6/7. Ann an teirm 1, dh ’ionnsaich sinn mu na Seann Ghreugaich agus a-nis, tha sinn ag ionnsachadh mu dheidhinn Afganastan agus gnìomhachas an sgadain. Tha sinn a’ coimhead air adhart ris a’chòrr den bhliadhna sa chlas agus tha tòrr ionnsachadh romhainn fhathast.