List of websites to support Sciences online

Website  Link  Description  Mystery Science planning No log-in required for these lessons.  Online lessons with teaching points and linked activities for learners.  Vroom Free to use  Early Years science activities for parents to support young learners with. Comes with tips and explanations.  National Geographic Kids  Activities and quizzes for younger learners, with topics including animals and science. Continue reading “List of websites to support Sciences online”

List of websites to support Gaidhlig/Gaelic Languages online

Website  Link  Description  Gaelic Dictionary pages   Different websites for online Gaelic dictionaries   Gaelic BBC learning         BBC iplayer,    BBC learning  BBC Alba YoutTube channel   pages with links to learning programmes in Gaelic   BBC Bitesize   BBC Bitesize 1st level Gaelic page  BBC Bitesize   BBC Bitesize 2nd  level Gaelic page   Gaidhlig nan Og   Gaelic resources for early/first level  Miss MacKinnon   GM P1-3 class teacher hasContinue reading “List of websites to support Gaidhlig/Gaelic Languages online”

List of websites to support Developing the Young Workforce online

Website  Link  Description  I am a Mathematician resource  Education Scotland family maths learning resource.  I am a Scientist resource -at-home/supporting-science-at-home/  Education Scotland family science learning resource.  I am an Engineer resource -at-home/supporting-science-at-home/  Education Scotland family engineering learning resource.  CBeebies Biggleton Series on  The people of Biggleton go on exciting adventures as they do their jobs around the town.  My World of Work school-pupils  Teachers canContinue reading “List of websites to support Developing the Young Workforce online”

List of websites to support Technologies online

Website  Link  Description  Kodu  A simple programming game from Microsoft, teaching coding and ICT skills through fun games design challenges.  Beebot App (TTS) -bot/id500131639  An app based on the Beebot resource. Encourages early programming skills.  Daisy the Dinosaur App sy-the-dinosaur/id490514278  A free app which introduces coding to 5-7 year olds.  Hopscotch Programming Tool (App)  Teaches children how to code to make their own games.  Tynker support-of-schools-facing-health- related-closure FreeContinue reading “List of websites to support Technologies online”

List of websites to support Modern Languages online

Website  Link  Description  DuoLinguo Lots of languages available, including French.  Lots of fun daily practise activities to develop language skills. Leaners can take a placement test to set learning based on their skills and knowledge or start learning from the basics.  Monde de Titounis bastienn?app=desktop  French nursery rhymes and story videos.  BBC 2nd Level French jects/z2mxsbk  A range of French learning activities. Continue reading “List of websites to support Modern Languages online”

List of websites to support Expressive Arts online

Website  Link  Description Deep Space Sparkle  A range of inspirations for ideas which can be posted for home art projects. They have a free draw along series, with a new challenge added each weekday.  Drawing Challenges drawing-challenge  30-day drawing challenge for learners.  Artful Parent Contains art ideas for parents to undertake at home.  Bring the Noise Continue reading “List of websites to support Expressive Arts online”

List of websites to support Health and Wellbeing online

Website  Link  Description  Growth Mindset Yeti  Growth Mindset resources which can be used at home by parents to support resilience.  Go Safe Scotland  Lots of health and wellbeing games linked to Curriculum for Excellence, many of which have a safety focus.  Race at Your Pace Kids  Has a range of fitness challenges for children andContinue reading “List of websites to support Health and Wellbeing online”

List of websites to support Literacy and English online

Website  Link  Description  Vooks Free for 1 year  Animated read-along storybooks with linked resources.  CBeebies Radio  Listening activities for younger learners.  DK Find Out  Great for encouraging leaners to carry out non-fiction reading and research to support a range of areas across the curriculum.  Oxford Owl home/reading-owl/english–1 home/reading-owl/reading  The Oxford Owl website contains a range of eBooks which learnersContinue reading “List of websites to support Literacy and English online”

List of websites to support general learning online

Website  Link  Description  2 Simple (Purple Mash) school-closed/ Free if school is closed  A range of learning activities across all subject areas.  BrainPop  Free if school is closed  Topic learning across a range of subject areas, with videos, quizzes, worksheets and linked activities.  Class Hook Free if school is closed:  Easily find video clips to support learningContinue reading “List of websites to support general learning online”

List of websites to support Social Studies online

Website  Link  Description  Kids Discover Online Free if schools close  Online library of social studies learning materials.  Newsround  Daily news stories for children and young people.  National Geographic Kids  Activities and quizzes for younger learners, with topics including history and geography.  World Geography Games  Fun Geography games.  YouTube Videos  National Geographic Kids – 7gTKU7-tpg Lots of videos about our world.  BBC Teach – 2DqG7ttg/playlists?view=50&sort=dd&shelf_id=6 Have playlistsContinue reading “List of websites to support Social Studies online”